It is the Spring of 3204, the year of the Phoenix, and the world has been at war for nearly twenty years.  With each day the conflict grows ever more desperate.  Orcs, goblins, and drow flee from their traditional lowland homelands to the East in an exodus never before seen in the history of Tai'ar.  Behind them ruthless draconic armies bearing the sigil of an Elder dragon march from the Godspine Mountains with genocide in their hearts.  In front of them, pinned to the coast of the Pylar Sea, the races of order fight to maintain some semblance of coherency.

In the midst of all this darker forces lurk.  Necromancy, a long banished practice in Tai'ar, crops up with striking regularity.  With entire fields of dead vanishing into ashen forests being more commonplace than many commanders would like to admit.

Ruins of Danath